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Natural Tourism Palenque

Palenque natural Tourism invites you to see places like Palenque Archaeological Zone, located just 8 km from the village. This is a site that the Maya left to mankind, which highlights the many paths that lead through the jungle to the variou... Ver más

Natural Tourism in Hermosillo

The potential of nature tourism in Hermosillo are limitless, with ecological reserves that invitarána appreciate the richness that distinguishes the flora and fauna of the region, as well as admire the wonderful landscapes that gives this to... Ver más

Natural Tourism in Torreon

The nature tourism in Torreon offers a variety of places to enjoy ecotourism thanks to the great diversity of flora and fauna that characterizes the region. An example is Jimulco Mountains, located 55 km to the southeast of the city, giving l... Ver más

Camps for Guanajuato

   If you seek a place to camp for Guanajuato we recommend many places where you can enjoy this activity and appreciate the beauty that the diverse natural landscapes of this beautiful region of the Republic of Mexico.   Ver más

Ecotourism in Aguascalientes

Ecotourism in Aguascalientes is one of the main attractions for many tourists coming to this tourist eager to understand and appreciate the flora and fauna of the region, recognized in the country its magnificent natural spaces. Ver más

Oaxaca Ecotourism

The Oaxaca ecoturimo what about the most amazing landscapes and natural scenery, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the flora and fauna of the region while enjoying a unique touch to life outdoors with this fantastic destinatio... Ver más

Tourism and ecology in Patzcuaro

The combination of tourism and ecology in Patzcuaro gives you the possibility to travel around and discover the most amazing landscapes and natural areas where you can observe species of resident and migratory birds, among other animals you ;... Ver más

Camping in Mexico City

Camping in Mexico City allows visitors to approach the natural life in the most beautiful green areas in the region will find in these facilities, restaurants, tourist stops, surveillance and health for your experience is more than pleasant. Ver más

Mountaineering in Hermosillo

Mountaineering by Hermosillo and the surrounding area invites you to enjoy various activities in the most beautiful natural scenery of the region, where in addition to mountain sports will be able to appreciate the beautiful views which gives... Ver más

Mountaineering by Saltillo

Mountaineering in Saltillo gives you the opportunity to discover the most breathtaking scenery of this region of Mexico. An ideal place for this activity is the Natural Park Sierra de Arteaga, located just under 55 km to the east of the city ... Ver más

Baja California Sur

Located in the northeast of the country, Baja California Sur is a wonderful and unique region, where the desert and the sea combine to give life to one of the most stunning natural scenery throughout the Republic of Mexico, perfect for a rela... Ver más


The region of Michoacán is located in the southwest of the center of Mexico and is presented as a place of enormous natural wealth, especially the type of geological formations in the volcanic Sierra Madre del Sur, a phenomenon that can not ... Ver más

Entertainment in Torreon

If you seek entertainment in Torreon find two ideal places for a tour with the whole family and discover the natural beauty that has this region of Mexico. One such place is the Founding Ecological Park, located at the entrance of the city, t... Ver más


Camino a Santa Maria, Centro. Jalcomulco, Veracruz.

Picocanoa is located in the rainforest and Veracruz built in perfect harmony with nature. This picturesque village type hotel was designed with natural materials and traditional in the region as adobe, wood and palm, creating a place where th... Ver más

Camping in Riviera Maya

Camping in Riviera Maya allows you to discover the most beautiful natural scenery and the most beautiful landscapes of this region of the Republic of Mexico. An ideal spot to enjoy this activity is the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an, loc... Ver más

Decrease in river (rafting) in Puebla

The decrease in river (rafting) of people will give him the chance to meet the most amazing natural areas and landscapes of the region with his family, living an experience marked by adrenaline. You can enjoy this activity in Apulco River, lo... Ver más

San Blas Hotels

San Blas is located in the coastal zone of the Pacific Ocean, a region located just over 60 km northwest of Tepic. This is a unique place, with a plethora of natural beauty and a rich history, culture tradicióny. It has a tropical climate wi... Ver más

Archeology in Copper Canyon Chihuahua

Archeology in Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua, allows visitors to appreciate the incredible remains of the culture Paquimé, distinguished for its absolute originality, as well known for its methods survival and development of natural resource... Ver más