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Mapa Regiones Naturales Zacatecas Mexico

Casa Real Zacatecas, Zacatecas

Blvd. López Portillo #12, Fracc. Las Arboledas. Zacatecas, Zacatecas.

  Hotel Casa Real Zacatecas Hotel is committed to offering its guests a quality service to meet all the needs required by their guests regardless of whether traveling for business or just for pleasure. Ver más

Shopping in Zacatecas

If you want to go shopping in Zacatecas, we recommend visiting the Gonzalez Ortega Market Mall, located in the historic center, for a wide range of products of excellent workmanship. Other alternatives are the Centro Platero de Zacatecas, the... Ver más

Events in Zacatecas

The events and shows in Zacatecas offer its visitors a wealth of cultural, artistic and musical. An excellent choice is the Festival Cultural Zacatecas, one of the busiest in the region. In this event you can enjoy the most varied disciplines... Ver más

Zacatecas crafts

The best crafts of Zacatecas result of the talents of master craftsmen, they produce wonderful creative pieces of silver, textile quarry. You may also observe the excellent embroidery, tablecloths, yarn, fabric, pieces of onyx ... Ver más

Zacatecas spa

A major spa Caxcan Paraísco Zacatecas is located 186 km from the city, in the community of San Miguel Atotonilco. Its establishment will find an excellent spa with the best services and the most various techniques and treatments, gym, reflex... Ver más

Camping in Zacatecas

If you want to camp in Zacatecas, we recommend visiting the Sierra de Órganoz, located 167 Km northwest of the city, through the Pan American highway number 45. In this magnificent eco-tourism center with an area of 25 km, you will find the ... Ver más

Zacatecas Hotels

A little over 600 km from Mexico City and 320 kilometers from Guadalajara, in the North-Central Mexico, Zacatecas is a colonial city distinguished for being one of the more s beautiful in the northern region. With a pleasant climate, an avera... Ver más

Hotel Emporio Zacatecas

Emporio Zacatecas is presented as a quiet place where guests, whether families or couples, will find a valuable historical, artistic and cultural environment for their stay. The hotel lobby is decorated with carved quarry, which denotes the b... Ver más

Historic architecture in Zacatecas

Historic architecture in Zacatecas, recognized as one of the three most important colonial cities throughout Mexico, offers a wealth of options. One is Santo Domingo, a church dating from the eighteenth century built by the Jesuits, who endow... Ver más

Festivities and celebrations Zacatecas

The festivities and celebrations Zacatecas invite you to become part of the culture of this wonderful land of Mexico. The main festivities are the Moors of Bracho, carried out last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August, which represent the st... Ver más

Tourism services in Zacatecas

Tourism services in Zacatecas offer the best care in the bus station, located in the Heavy Traffic Libramiento, Lomas de la Isabelita. You'll find the largest bus lines in the region, with companies like White Star, Expreso Futura Chihuah... Ver más

Dining choices in Zacatecas

The various dining options in Zacatecas is characterized by its diversity and rich seasoning. Among the major regional dishes are the Asado de Boda, made with pork and chopped red ancho chile sauce, fried in lard, mutton rubbish, enchiladas ... Ver más

Outdoor show in Zacatecas

Enjoy an outdoor activity in Zacatecas, a city that offers many places to live an unforgettable natural experience. One such place is the Cerro de la Bouffe located 10 minutes from the city, where he will be able to admire the most breathtaki... Ver más

Fun night for Zacatecas

If you are looking for fun at night from Zacatecas we recommend meet the club's winch, located inside the mine El Eden, offering an interesting concept. Other alternatives for those who want to dance are the Elephant Antro Di, and the rod... Ver más

Archaeological sites in Zacatecas

The different archaeological sites in Zacatecas gives you the opportunity to discover in depth the vestiges of pre-Hispanic culture in these lands. One important area is Altavista, located 55 km northwest of the city. This is one of the most ... Ver más

Hotel Quinta Real Zacatecas

The Hotel Quinta Real Zacatecas is considered by many to be one of the most extraordinary of the world. It is located in the Plaza de Toros de San Pedro, which although it has been restored, dates from the nineteenth century. The last run whi... Ver más

Four Seasons Mexico

Paseo de la Reforma # 500, Colonia Juarez. Cd. México - Zona Reforma, D.F..

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico is the most famous and exclusive of Mexico City, with modern facilities and first-servicip with the highest quality that characterizes it. Ver más