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Mapa Centro Ciudad Toluca

Ciudad Real Centro Historico

Plaza 31 de Marzo No. 10, San Cristóbal de Las C., Centro. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

The Ciudad Real Centro Historico, a 3 star hotel is simply charming and refined, almost like an oasis of good taste. It's right in the heart of Sa ... Ver más

Hampton Inn Ciudad Juárez, Ciudad Juárez

Blvd. Tomas Fernandez 7770, . Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Hotel Hampton Inn Ciudad Juarez has an excellent location, just 15 minutes from the Abraham Gonzalez International Airport and just minutes from the prime tourist attractions, museums, industrial parks and Downtown the City. Ver más

Ramada Ciudad Victoria, Ciudad Victoria

Cristobal Colón #126 Norte, Zona Centro. Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

Ramada Ciudad Victoria has all the facilities that tourists and businessmen need to make your special trip, with several event rooms, a restaurant and bar, parking, free local calls, fitness center, a beautiful heated pool interior and rooms ... Ver más

Spas in Toluca

The various spas around Toluca offer the best care for their health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, with the best services, treatments and techniques to leave behind the worries and stresses of your routine daily. Ver más

Toluca Crafts

Access the best crafts from Toluca, among which you will find wool textiles Tenayac San Pedro, Santa Maria wood turning Rayóny Temoaya ornamental rugs, among many other items. Ver más

Nightlife in Toluca

Lovers of nightlife for Toluca find a wide variety of bars and nightclubs to enjoy an unforgettable night of drinks, friends and music. We recommend you take a journey through the portals of the heart or dancing until dawn at the best discos ... Ver más

Architecture for Toluca

Admire the architecture of Toluca, where you'll find an impressive building of the twentieth century: the Cosmovitral, located in the streets Lerdo de Tejada, and Benito Juárez, is presented as one of the main buildings of the region. Ver más

Buy from Toluca

Buy from Toluca offers a wide range of opportunities, with more than 17 markets, 66 tianguis impressive shopping malls and 7 in a list that continues to grow year after year. Among the main sites is the House of Crafts, located in Paseo Tollo... Ver más

Toluca Hotels

Located 65 km from the city of Mexico is Toluca, the capital of Mexico, recognized as the highest city in Mexico, with more than 2680 meters of height above sea level. Because of its geographical features is characterized by a temperate clima... Ver más

Zihuatanejo Centro

The Zihuatanejo Centro, 3 stars hotel is located in the town of Zihuatanejo, very quaint and quiet, where you can relax very relaxed as he deserves. Shops and boutiques ... Ver más

Practice climbing by Toluca

The practice of climbing around Toluca is a popular activity among travelers who arrive in this region through the various options that are available. One is the Nevado de Toluca National Park, located less than 50 km to the southwest of the ... Ver más

Outdoor Living by Toluca

Enjoy the outdoor life for Toluca in different natural settings that this wonderful destination has to offer. One is the Nevado de Toluca National Park, where you'll find areas ideal for hiking and appreciate the beauty they give away the... Ver más

Extreme sports in Toluca

Enjoy the best of extreme sports in Toluca, where you'll find the most breathtaking natural settings in which to test their physical abilities. Such is the case of Nevado de Toluca National Park, located less than 50 km to the southwest o... Ver más

Ecotourism options in Toluca

The many options of ecotourism in Toluca invite you to discover the most beautiful landscapes and natural areas, allowing live with the flora and fauna of the region. An ideal place for this is the Nevado de Toluca National Park, located 48 k... Ver más

Toluca dining options

The various dining options offered Toluca best meal of the State of Mexico through the important shows La Bella, mainly of sausage, which presents the best green and red sausages, made from different types chili, pork and mixtures of natural ... Ver más

Religion and mysticism for Toluca

Among the various stories related to the Toluca religióny mysticism stands by the legend that in 1537 the Spanish friars learned that the Indians, who worshiped the god of the cave, Oxtotéotl , human sacrifice in his honor around the villag... Ver más

Practice camping in Toluca

The practice of camping in Toluca gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature in its purest state, with extensive green areas with lush vegetacióny typical fauna of the region. An ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and camping is the National P... Ver más