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Mapa Tampico Tamaulipas


Located in the north of Mexico, the Gulf coastal plain, and over 420 km of beaches, Mexico is one of the most visited destinations in the country thanks to its wonderful beaches, like the bar Thrush, Miramar and La Carbonera, among others. Ver más

Tampico malls

Different Tampico malls offer a wide variety of crafts, domestic and foreign products, textiles and appliances. Among the major shops are the crafts market on the Avenida del Cañonero ... Ver más

Diving by Tampico

Enjoy diving in Tampico and its surroundings, where you'll find an ideal place to experience this activity the most: at the headwaters of the Rio Mante, located just over 200 km to the west of the city, find a cave where an underground sp... Ver más

Tampico Hotels

Located in the southeastern state of Tamaulipas, just over 250 km southeast of Ciudad Victoria, Tampico is considered the second most important merchant port in Mexico. Thanks to its excellent geographical location, this region has a predomin... Ver más

Nightly entertainment by Tampico

Fully Enjoy the nightlife in Tampico, where entertainment options are endless. Thus find bars and restaurants where an exquisite dish, cool down with a drink and feel at home in a pleasant environment, as well as nightclubs ... Ver más

Colonial architecture of Tampico

Tampico colonial architecture has many examples of incomparable beauty, they have managed to win an important place among the major sightseeing spots of tourist attraction for the region. One of the most emblematic is the Cathedral of the Imm... Ver más

Crafts and arts by Tampico

Access the best crafts and arts from Tampico, where you'll find many markets dedicated to the sale of typical jobs in the region, mainly of shells, like earrings, shell necklaces, key rings and pins, including many other objects Ver más

Tampico Tourism Service

The Tampico tourism service gives you the opportunity to travel to the most diverse corners of Mexico and the rest of the world thanks to flights of major airlines are present at the Francisco Javier Mina International Airport, located at Bou... Ver más

Tampico ecotourism options

The various options of ecotourism Tampico allow you to discover the rich biodiversity of the region, becoming one of the most chosen tourist destinations for nature lovers. An ideal site for this activity is the Laguna El Chairel Ecological P... Ver más

Local Food Tampico

Enjoy the regional cuisine of Tampico, where you can choose from a wide variety of dishes prepared from seafood, such as the octopus chili, the operettas of seafood, crab stuffed squash huitlacoche and flora and marinated sea bass ... Ver más

Celebrations and traditions Tampico

The main festivities and traditions Tampico give you the opportunity to share in the year's most important dates in the region, such as Carnival, held during the month of February through ; s costume competitions, float parades, fireworks... Ver más

Tourist attractions in Tampico

Visit the most important tourist attractions in Tampico through the northwestern border route: Start your tour of Highway 180 in northwest until they came to Altamira, a industrial ports greater development in the region, where you'll fin... Ver más

Archaeological sites in Tampico

Discover the major archaeological sites in Tampico, where you can learn a lot about the Huasteca culture through remnants of an ancient people. We recommend you visit Las Flores, located at Avenida Hidalgo s / n near the corner of Avenida Cha... Ver más

Hotel Inglaterra, Tampico

G. Díaz Miron No. 115 Ote, Centro. Tampico, Tamaulipas.

Hotel England retains the essence of the city with its traditional English style, which can be seen in its architecture and decoration. The building has 7 floors cleaned and restored, where you can enjoy facilities such as weather in the rest... Ver más

Sporting events and shows in Tampico

Witness major sporting events and shows in Tampico, where you can witness numerous shows and major powers. One of the most important is the International Competition Motonáutica, carried out during the month of October in Laguna del Carpinte... Ver más

Holiday Inn Reynosa Zona Dorada

Emilio Portes Gil No. 703, Prado Sur. Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

When traveling to the city of Reynosa in the business plan, can not stay at Holiday Inn Reynosa Zona Dorada. It is a modern 4-storey property of 137 rooms that have the necessary services to ensure a comfortable and productive, as they have b... Ver más

Autobuses ADO

Autobuses ADO is a major passenger transportation companies in Mexico, highlighted by the traveler offering the best service atencióny a convertirána your trip an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly want to repeat again and again. Ver más

Ecology and tourism Pachuca

The possibilities of combining tourism ecologíay Pachuca approach him the opportunity to meet a wide diversity of ecosystems, such as EcoAlberto Park, located 85 km northwest of the city, serving different microclimates and a wide variety sp... Ver más

Tourist hunting in Mexico

The choice of hunting tourism in Mexico, mainly in the northern region of the country, invites travelers from around the world to visit these wonderful places and meet some of the more than 2,600 game parks, Management Units for the Conservat... Ver más

Gulf of Mexico Beaches

The wonderful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico invite you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the warmth of its climate and the excellent treatment which distinguishes the inhabitants of this region. There you will discover the magic that surrounds ... Ver más