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25 Mejores Sitios para Acampar Mexico

Four Seasons Mexico

Paseo de la Reforma # 500, Colonia Juarez. Cd. México - Zona Reforma, D.F..

Four Seasons Hotel Mexico is the most famous and exclusive of Mexico City, with modern facilities and first-servicip with the highest quality that characterizes it. Ver más

Mexico Archeology

Many are tourists who seek to know about archeology in Mexico, as due to its historical presents a host of architectural and cultural legacies, with traces of settlements that were present over 3000 years ago. Ver más

Eating in Mexico

The food in Mexico invites visitors to enjoy the best delicacies, combining pre-Columbian and Spanish flavors, creating dishes of exquisite taste, making it one of the richest styles and varied around the world. Ver más

Nightlife in Mexico

The intense night life in Mexico invites you to enjoy the most exciting experience, thanks to the wide range of alternatives from which you can then choose to spend an unforgettable day at one of the main tourist destinations excitement aroun... Ver más

Diving in Mexico

Diving in Mexico is an ideal alternative for those travelers who enjoy this exciting water activities due to the coasts, rivers and lakes that offers this wonderful destination, where you can discover the beauty of coral reefs that took shape... Ver más

Ecotourism in Mexico

The huge range of ecotourism in Mexico invites travelers from around the world to enjoy the flora and fauna of various regions of the country thanks to the various reserves, national parks and protected areas, designed to keep alive the many ... Ver más

Kayak in Mexico

Whether in a boat or two places, the kayaking in Mexico can be practiced not only in rivers but also in lakes, seas and reservoirs, thus becoming one of the more ; s interesting to visitors within the wide range of outdoor activities offered ... Ver más

Climbing in Mexico

Mountaineering in Mexico is one of the many travelers looking to enjoy, as this country is filled with giants of rock and ice routes in mountain valleys and matchless scenery unmatched conforming to practice this exciting and intense activity... Ver más

Bus Mexico

Omnibus Mexico is a company designed to provide a first class service, cost effective and reliable. The aim of the company is offering travelers a safe, warm and good price in different trips to various destinations to accessing their services. Ver más

Fishing in Mexico

Fishing in Mexico is one of the main activities given the large amount of space available for practice: both in the rivers, lakes, dams and sea fans of the sport will n the opportunity to enjoy the excitement that characterizes this activity,... Ver más

Shopping in Mexico

Fans of shopping in Mexico will find a wide range of options, which you will find the most modern shopping malls with the latest trends in the world and more varied products also be able to traverse the various boutiques, bookshops, jewelers ... Ver más

Surfing in Mexico

If you are looking for a destination in which to practice surfing in Mexico find the perfect place, thanks to its many beaches you can enjoy the most of this wonderful water sport on waves reach heights of up to 8 meters, making it the perfec... Ver más

Camping in Mexico

The Camping in Mexico is one of the options chosen by the tourists who arrive to this land from all corners of the world: thanks to its beautiful natural scenery and valleys, national parks, forests, jungles and deserts, you can ; live a matc... Ver más

Museums in Mexico

The great variety of museums in Mexico invites lovers of history, tradition, culture and art venues to visit those that reveal the social and artistic reality of this land may appreciate the most wonderful collections and exhibitions that kee... Ver más

Mexico City Hostal

República de Brasil #8, Colonia Centro, México D.F

Mexico City Hostel offers lodging for the traveler a low price and good experience in Mexico City, has private rooms and dorms with the picturesque cómodos.Ambientado Mexican tradition with a colonial building, near places of interest such a... Ver más

Celebrations in Mexico City

The many celebrations in Mexico City you will discover why this region is considered one of the most joyous and festive of all the country with the most diverse civil and festivals faith in which the sense of honor, a mark on each of the states. Ver más

NH Mexico City

The Spanish NH chain has created the sophisticated NH Mexico City, a 5 star hotel that really deserves this amount of Stars. Be it for your business or pleasure ... Ver más

Camping in Mexico City

Camping in Mexico City allows visitors to approach the natural life in the most beautiful green areas in the region will find in these facilities, restaurants, tourist stops, surveillance and health for your experience is more than pleasant. Ver más