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Palenque Mexico

Palenque at night

Palenque at night you can enjoy the many restaurants, bars, nightclubs cafésy, which will have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening with friends and loved ones in the best atmospheres in Mexico Ver más

Mountaineering in Palenque

The points for mountaineering by Palenque are waiting around this fantastic tourist destination with unparalleled natural beauty, lush jungle vegetation and beautiful hills and mountains, inviting to enjoy outdoor vacation you'll never fo... Ver más

Festivities in Palenque

The festivals and celebrations in Palenque you can join the excitement that characterizes alegríay each of the festivals of this region, such as the celebration in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzman , patron of the town, which takes place duri... Ver más

Camping at Palenque

Camping at Palenque can meet around the town, which offers the most diverse forest vegetation, with stunning blue water rivers and small lakes that give life to natural settings that resemble a true paradise for camping. Ver más

Palenque Services

Palenque services approach you can take an aerial flight at the International Airport, located at Rancho Nuevo road-km Catazajá 24,5, with the presence of companies like Aerocaribe and planes from the cities of Committee No Dominguez, Ocosin... Ver más

Palenque Hotels

A 220 km from San Cristobal de las Casas and 290 km from Tuxtla Gutiérrez Palenque is located in the northwestern region of Chiapas. This is one of the major archaeological sites belonging to the Mayas, becoming a destination for travelers w... Ver más

Mision Palenque

Praga No. 60 Esq. Av. Chapultepec, Juárez. Palenque, Chiapas.

Mission El Palenque is a 3 star so special. It is located northwest of Chiapas and only 62 km the waterfalls of Agua Azul trapped in the middle of the exhube ... Ver más

Natural Tourism Palenque

Palenque natural Tourism invites you to see places like Palenque Archaeological Zone, located just 8 km from the village. This is a site that the Maya left to mankind, which highlights the many paths that lead through the jungle to the variou... Ver más

Spa Hotel Palenque

An important Palenque hotel spa looks forward to offering the best service and care, finding the perfect balance between body and mind, leaving behind the concerns estrésy daily routine. Misión Palenque It is located in Rancho San Martin de... Ver más

Palenque Archeological Museum

An important archaeological museum of Palenque invites you to discover the ancient Mayan city through ceramics, sculptures and laborers. Thus, the Palenque Site Museum, located just 1.5 km from the archaeological zone, and less than 10 km fro... Ver más

Outdoor activities Palenque

The different outdoor activities Palenque let get close to nature in a unique way, enjoying the beautiful scenery, with trails, lakes and waterfalls, which can be accessed by walking or horseback riding, an unforgettable experience with their... Ver más

Crafts and art in Palenque

The best art at Palenque artesaníay will find the hand of the different ethnic groups that populate the area around the city, among which are distinguished Lacandon, Chol and Tzeltal, who have kept alive a strong tradition through the develo... Ver más

Palenque archaeological site

The Temple of Inscriptions is emerging as an important archaeological site in Palenque: This is the third building on the east side of the entrance and is named for the impressive amount boards printed with hieroglyphics which is located in t... Ver más

Typical foods in Palenque

Typical meals at Palenque are characterized by their exquisite flavors, an example of this is shot with momo delicious, made with river snail, yerba santa leaf and corn dough. Other alternatives include fish sweaty, tamales and duck in Chiapa... Ver más

Practice kayaking through Palenque

We recommend practicing enjoy kayaking through Palenque, where you'll find places such as Agua Clara, a unique natural setting, located 55 km west of the town, which offers two impressive rivers: the Tulijá ; and Shumulhá that shape the... Ver más

Villa Mercedes Palenque

Carretera Palenque - Zona Arqueologica km 2.9, Barrio de Fatima. Palenque, Chiapas.

Villa Mercedes Palenque Hotel is located in the Chiapas jungle, just two kilometers from the archaeological site of Palenque. This is the best option in the area, it offers comfortable facilities, modern services and traditional architecture. Ver más

Ciudad Real Palenque

Carretera a Pakal-Na km. 1, . Palenque, Chiapas.

Ciudad Real Palenque is a 4 star hotel that has a unique architecture combining elements of style and colonial style with Maya and the Caribbean. The restaurant is situated under a palapa offers an impressive blend of international cuisine wi... Ver más