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Calzada Tlalpan

Holiday Inn Tlalpan Churubusco

Calz. De Tlalpan 1507, Portales. Cd. México - Zona Insurgentes Sur, D.F..

Holiday Inn Tlalpan Churubusco has developed an ideal infrastructure for your business trip. Birndando a high quality service, which takes Enjoy a pleasant break. Ver más

Oaxaca Tourist Service

The Oaxaca tourism service offers two bus stations: First Class, located on Calzada Niños Héroes de Chapultepec in 1036, and Second Class, situated 1 km from the historic center to the west . Ver más

Museums in Tlaxcala

The Tlaxcala museums invite you to discover everything about the region, its history and culture, making a revision from pre-Hispanic times to the present. One of the most important is the Museo Regional de Tlaxcala, located in Calzada de San... Ver más

Shopping in Torreon

If you plan to shop in Torreon we suggest you take a tour of major shops and markets of the city, such as Laguna Plaza Galleries, located at Avenida Peripherals, and Plaza Saltillo 400, located in Calzada Saltillo 400. Ver más

Golf in Mexico City

Those seeking to practice golf in Mexico City will find many areas in which they may develop their game, with first-level fields that provide the best services and the most comfortable. You can enjoy this unique sport while enjoying the excel... Ver más

Entertainment and amusement by Puebla

The entertainment and fun for Puebla is presented in a variety of shapes, with options suitable for the whole family. A highly recommended site is the Africam Safari Zoo, located at Km 16.5 of the highway Cap. Carlos Camacho. There you will f... Ver más

Interesting places in Oaxaca

Please visit the main interesting places in Oaxaca through the route around the city. This route has its beginnings in the Benito Juárez market, one of the most popular. There you will have the chance to taste some of the delicacies prepared... Ver más

Entertainment in Veracruz

The best entertainment in Veracruz will find the possibility of walking and outdoor tours, discovering the beautiful landscapes of the regióny admiring the flora and fauna. One more option that is recommended Mocambo Spa, located in Playas d... Ver más

Mexico Archeology

Many are tourists who seek to know about archeology in Mexico, as due to its historical presents a host of architectural and cultural legacies, with traces of settlements that were present over 3000 years ago. Ver más