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Cercanos Zocalo

Holiday Inn Zocalo

Holiday Inn Hotel Zocalo is surrounded by history, since it is located in the beautiful building of the colonial era, in which the Emperor Moctezuma's Palace and subsequently ... Ver más

Hotel Majestic

The hotel has 80 spacious rooms, some of them have nice views to Zocalo and for those who do not wish to hear the noise of a city at night we have ... Ver más

Shopping in Cuernavaca

If you think shopping for Cuernavaca find numerous markets that offer the best crafts in the region, such as market Cortez Palace, the Zocalo and the Cathedral, located on Boulevard Avenida Juarez and Hidalgo. Ver más

NH Centro Histórico

Hotel NH Centro Histórico is located in the heart of Mexico City, a few steps the area known as the Zócalo and Metropolitan Cathedral, in turn, is very easy to visit major tourist attractions the city. Nh History has nine rooms where you ca... Ver más

Historic architecture in Mexico City

The historic architecture in Mexico City is close to the visitors the chance to know some of the artistic treasures from around the country: in the historical center of the city, the more s wonderful examples of classical and novohispana, ste... Ver más

Celebrations in Mexico City

The many celebrations in Mexico City you will discover why this region is considered one of the most joyous and festive of all the country with the most diverse civil and festivals faith in which the sense of honor, a mark on each of the states. Ver más

Historic architecture in Veracruz

The historic architecture of Veracruz has a lot of examples of the best works of the neoclassical style. Such is the case of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption, located on Independence Street, corner with Mario Molina, in the historic ce... Ver más