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Castillo Huatulco

Castillo Huatulco

Blvd. Santa Cruz 303, Bahía de Santa Cruz. Huatulco, Oaxaca.

Castillo Huatulco Hotel, 4 stars. Colonial style, where you can enjoy a pool with beautiful gardens, a private club located in the beautiful Bay Chachué with free shuttle service, in addition to water sports and activities available. ... ... Ver más

Kayaking in Huatulco

Travelers will have the opportunity to practice kayaking in Huatulco in various beaches in the region where you find the ideal space to enjoy this activity as well as admire the stunning scenery and wildlife living on them. Ver más

Rafting in Huatulco

The two alternatives offered by the rafting of Huatulco invite you to enjoy the drop in adrenaline emocióny Rioyo feel that only this activity can provide, with difficulty levels that allow both beginners and experts experience the intensity... Ver más

Surfing in Huatulco

The options offered by Huatulco surfing, with its wonderful beaches with perfect waves and wind to experience this activity under optimal conditions, they expect to enjoy the feeling of freedom and adrenaline that knows only one who has pract... Ver más

Fishing in Huatulco

If you want to fish for Huatulco find the calm and crystalline waters of the Oaxacan Pacific, which performs the Tournament Sailfish international level, in ideal locations to enjoy this sport, with species such as atu ; ny marlin Ver más

Browse Huatulco

If you want to browse Huatulco find numerous sites and modern facilities in ports and marinas for you to access all the services and facilities needed to enjoy a nice walk in the various types of boats. Ver más

Diving in Huatulco

Tourists will have the opportunity to go diving in Huatulco thanks to the many beaches in the region, in which banks find reefs that protect various species including turtles, puffer fish, crabs and marlin among others. It can also conduct ex... Ver más

Nightlife in Huatulco

The ample supply of the Huatulco nightlife allows you to access the alternative that best suits their tastes, with options ranging from bars and restaurants to enjoy food and drinks while listening to music, to nightclubs and discos to dance ... Ver más

Arts Huatulco

The arts of Huatulco and the ability of Oaxacan artisans are renowned throughout the Republic of Mexico, especially by tourists who arrive in these lands from the most diverse corners of the planet. The main points where you can purchase the ... Ver más

Huatulco Beach

If you seek rest basking on a beach in Huatulco you'll find many sites with more than 36 beaches spread across its nine bays, where you will find the island's most perfect, with blue tones and water green, soft waves and fine white sand. Ver más

Huatulco Hotels

Huatulco, 277 km from Oazaca, is one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico, both for its stunning scenery and exciting nightlife as its beaches, with its clear waters caracerísticas. Ver más

Tourism and ecology in Huatulco

The lovers of tourism and ecology in Huatulco find a wide variety of nature scenes with the most stunning scenery, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the wealth that gives its flora and fauna, both terrestrial and maritime. Ver más

Outdoor show in Huatulco

If you are looking to enjoy an outdoor activity in Huatulco you'll find many natural settings ideal for sharing with loved ones, with the possibility of horseback riding, hiking and trekking, among other alternatives. Ver más

Spas and resorts in Huatulco

Spas and resorts in Huatulco offer all the comforts and amenities to enjoy the latest techniques geared to the beauty, relaxation and revitalization, thanks to the ancient knowledge of herbal and other streams. Ver más

Interesting tours in Huatulco

Among the interesting tours in Huatulco highlights the route around the bays, which is done by boat and is ideal to discover the beauties that keep the nine bays of this region, as well as to choose the best alternative for a few days Ver más

Crown Pacific Huatulco

Blvd. Benito juárez No. 8, Bahía de Tangolunda. Huatulco, Oaxaca.

The Crown Pacific in Huatulco is located on the side of the hill and has a beautiful view of the Bay of Tangolunda. The hotel consists of 10 slopes are designed in a neoclassical style is Mexican and a short distance from the ... Ver más

Archaeological Zone in Huatulco

We recommend visiting Punta Celeste, an impressive archaeological site in Huatulco located just 8 km from the city, in the Ecological Park Botazoo. This is a wonderful space with the most amazing jungle scenery imaginable Ver más

Playing golf in Huatulco

If you seek a space to find Huatulco golf by one of the most important areas of the Pacific, with a design of Mario Schgetnan, who devised to the smallest detail so that tourists and fans of this sport can play and enjoy the wonderful scenery... Ver más