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Flora Fauna Queretaro

Entertainment in Queretaro

Get the most variety of entertainment in Queretaro, a city with many sites designed for recreational diversióny. One example is the Ecological Park Queretaro 2000, located at Boulevard Bernardo Quintana s / n. Ver más

Golfing in Queretaro

Enjoy a golf game in Queretaro and test their skills in this magnificent sport. An excellent alternative where you can do is Juriquilla Golf Club, located opposite the former Treasury Juriquilla s / n, Fraccionamiento Meson del Prado Ver más

Queretaro spa

Visiting a spa Queretaro can achieve that longed physical and mental balance you seek, so you can relax and renew your energy for an unforgettable vacation. One excellent option is Rancho la Pitaya, located at Km 16 of the old road to Celaya,... Ver más

Nightlife in Queretaro

The nightlife of Querétaro offers a variety of ways to spend a nice time and enjoy a dream vacation. Lovers of music and food should not miss the opportunity to visit Barcelona Lounge, Cocktail Lounge and Goa Lounge. Ver más

Queretaro Hotels

Located in the heart of Mexico, 220 km north of Mexico City, Queretaro is a city where past and present come together to shape a unique place. It has a mild climate with average annual temperatures of around 23 º C. Ver más

Ecology and tourism Queretaro

Enjoy sightseeing ecologíay Querétaro, through the various spaces designed to preserve the great diversity of flora and fauna of the region is a possibility that can not pass up. An ideal place for this is the Cimatario National Park, locat... Ver más

Shows and festivals around Queretaro

The shows and festivals around Queretaro provide alternatives for all tastes and ages, with options ranging from bullfights to concerts and fairs, exhibitions and palisades. One of the main events is the revelry of Queretaro, which takes plac... Ver más

Tourism service in Queretaro

The tourism service Queretaro about the best care through Queretaro Bus Terminal, recognized as one of the most modern of all Latin America, is located in Extension Luis Vega y Monroy, number 800 and puts you within reach of major national an... Ver más

Archaeological Zone of Querétaro

Visit an archaeological site in Queretaro will let you know in depth the history and marked Teotihuacan influence in the region, through samples of the existence of different Indian groups in the area during the é short-Hispanic. Ver más

Cultural museums in Queretaro

The various cultural museums in Queretaro raise the possibility of appreciating the many permanent and temporary exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and historical samples. One of the main exhibition is Zacatecana House, located on Avenida I... Ver más

Markets and shops in Querétaro

In the markets and shops in Querétaro find a wide variety of products and alternatives for entertainment. At the heart of the city will find many craft outlets, including runners excel 5 May and 16 September, where you can ... Ver más

Mysticism and religion of Queretaro

The stories linked to mysticism and religion of Queretaro are numerous. However, one of the most important is one that has to Peña de Bernal, in the municipality of Ezequiel Montes, as protagonist during the spring equinox, a number of indiv... Ver más

Crafts and arts of Queretaro

The crafts and arts of Queretaro offer unique products, including textiles are wool blanket and thread, as well as woven and embroidered garments. You can access ademása excellent work cesteríay jarciería made with plants such as sisal aga... Ver más

Tourist attraction for Queretaro

Learn about different points of tourist attraction in Queretaro through the wonderful route to the Franciscan Missions, which will let you know the most important sites in the Republic of Mexico, northeast of the city, where you'll find t... Ver más

Practice camping in Queretaro

If you wish to practice camping on Queretaro find many alternatives. One is the Laguna de Servin, located just over 70 km from the city and 25 km from Amealco, across the road number 120, entering by the left shift at Km 9. Ver más

Typical food in Queretaro

Enjoy the typical dishes and sip through Queretaro's most exquisite dishes that combine different culinary identities to give life to a unique style. The main ingredients used in the local cuisine are chilli, corn, fruit and cacti, while ... Ver más

Extreme sports for Queretaro

Extreme sports in Queretaro is an excellent choice for travelers looking to experience intense emotions and adrenaline to the max. An ideal place for this is Tequisquiapan, located 74 km east of the city and 20 km from San Juan del Rio, where... Ver más