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Tradiciones Michoacan


The region of Michoacán is located in the southwest of the center of Mexico and is presented as a place of enormous natural wealth, especially the type of geological formations in the volcanic Sierra Madre del Sur, a phenomenon that can not ... Ver más

Comfort Inn Zamora Jericó

Km. 2 Carretera Zamora La Barca, . Zamora, Michoacán.

The Comfort Inn Zamora Jericho joined the architectural heritage of the city to offer an atmosphere of relaxation armoníay, surrounded by the special vegetation of Zamora, Michoacán, which highlights the comfort of its facilities and the... Ver más

Best Western Posada de Don Vasco

Av. Lazaro Cardenas # 450, Centro. Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.

Best Western Posada de Don Vasco is the perfect choice for the traveler looking to enjoy a holiday full of comfort with excellent facilities for accommodation, the hotel is a colonial construction. Ver más

Hotel La Parroquia

Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra # 24, Centro. Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.

The parish is the beautiful hotel of colonial style, the interior and exterior of the building have been decorated in subtle tones to provide a relaxed atmosphere, airing in every detail and tradition of peace Pátzcuaro. Ver más

El Lago Sol Hotel & Suites

Km. 6 Carretera Quiroga-Patzcuaro, Ojo de Agua. Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán.

Rustic, original and charming Lake Sun Hotel & Suites Hotel is located in the tiny village of Tzintzuntzan. Hotel opposite the imposing Lake Pátzcuaro, is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, typical Mexican village. Ver más

Morelia regional cuisine

If you want to indulge in regional cuisine Morelia, we advise you not to miss the chance to try the main dishes from Michoacan, as Churipo the uchepos, the corundas and donuts, and many other typical delicacies. Ver más

Shows and festivals Patzcuaro

Among the major events and festivals in Patzcuaro is presented Traditional Concer Meeting of Michoacan, which takes place during the first days of December, with the participation of chefs, cooks and restaurateurs from national and internatio... Ver más

Patzcuaro Hotels

Located 50 km southwest of Morelia, in the heart of the state of Michoacán, Pátzcuaro offers visitors a wonderful place to spend your holidays, with a typically temperate climate, with the presence of rain in summer and average temperatures... Ver más

Morelia Hotels

Morelia, located 303 km from Mexico City, in the northern state of Michoacan is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, with impressive examples of buildings dating the Colonial era. It is characterized by a temperate humid and average an... Ver más

Holiday Inn Express Morelia

Holiday Inn Morelia is a 5 star hotel located on the outskirts of Morelia in Michoacan state, just 4 kilometers from downtown. This hotel is surrounded by a mountainous landscape, with abundant green areas, lush vegetation, very own site. Ver más


Guerrero is located in southern Mexico, south along the Pacific coast, is bounded to the west with Michoacan, Oaxaca to the east and north with the state of Mexico, Puebla and Morelos. It is characterized by its warm climate, emerged as one o... Ver más

Outdoor Living in Morelia

To enjoy the great outdoors we recommend visiting Morelia Michoacán, a unique place, ideal for whale species due to natural conditions and geographical location. You can witness one of the most beautiful spectacles: the arrival of the monarc... Ver más

Regional museums in Morelia

The many regional museums in Morelia make this resort one of the cultural centers of the country thanks to its intense cultural activity and the presence of viceregal are dedicated to art, popular, contemporary spaces arqueologíay oriented h... Ver más

Casa de la Loma

Mozart 380, La Loma. Morelia, Michoacán.

Casa de la Loma is a beautiful hotel located in the city of Morelia, appointed by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. With a beautiful architecture, offering a warm attention from its staff, no doubt, a perfect space to relax and enjoy an uns... Ver más

Holiday Inn Morelia

Holiday Inn Morelia offers alternatives for all tastes and the ability to know one of the most attractive cities in Mexico: Morelia. The hotel has complete facilities for events, interesting gastronomic options and children's play areas w... Ver más

Points of interest for Patzcuaro

We invite you to visit the main tourist attractions in Patzcuaro through the route of avocados and guitars: starting the journey from the city by road number 14 with destination southwest arrive Tingambato people of Santiago, located only 36 ... Ver más

Pacific Transport and Buses

Transport and Buses of the Pacific is one of the largest transportation companies in Mexico, distinguished by the technology they have their vehicles, cozy comfort and facilities to offer a wide range of possibilities to hire their services. Ver más