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Tradiciones Coahuila


Coahuila is located in northern Mexico and is characterized by the presence of extensive natural areas, such as the Sierra de Arteaga, perfect place to practice outdoor activities. Another alternative for nature lovers is Cuatrociénagas, pre... Ver más

Bosques de Monterreal

Carr San Antonio de las Alazanas, Mesa de las Tabl, . Arteaga, Coahuila.

There is no better setting to have fun and enjoy a wide range of activities Monterreal Woods, a wonderful retreat with excellent facilities, located at 3,000 meters, between woods and mountains of Coahuila. Ver más

Archaeological Zone of Saltillo

Visit an archaeological site through Saltillo and discover the biological development of the Coahuila desert. Your best bet is Rincón Colorado, located in General Cepeda, just 45 km west of the city, through the Federal Highway 40. Ver más

Regional cuisine by Saltillo

Regional foods by Saltillo give you the chance to try the delicacies typical of the cuisine Coahuila. Its main dishes were the fries (thin slices of beef or goat, accompanied by traditional flour tortillas), pan de pulque y. .. Ver más

Typical gastronomy in Torreon

Enjoy the typical cuisine of Torreon, where you can sample a wide variety of dishes with ingredients that typify the cuisine Coahuila. One of its specialties is meat, the fries are prepared, that combined with the traditional flour tortillas ... Ver más

Durango Hotels

Located in the northwestern region of Mexico is Durango, more specifically at about 300 km northwest of Zacatecas and 268 km southwest of Torreon, Coahuila, in an area with a particularly dry climate, with the presence of rain during the summ... Ver más

Saltillo Hotels

Located in northern Mexico, 90 kilometers southwest of the city of Monterrey, Saltillo is the capital of Coahuila, a place that has earned the nickname "Athens of the North" thanks to its strong tradicióny great culture. It has a dry climate... Ver más

Torreon Hotels

Located in the north of the Republic of Mexico, 280 miles from Saltillo, in the southwest region of the state of Coahuila, Torreón is a city with an important industrial and commercial activity. Recorded an average annual temperature of 24 ... Ver más

Durango Tourism Services

The Durango tourism services will allow tourists to move from the city to the most diverse places in the Republic of Mexico, across Highway 40 can access the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa ; on Highway 45 come to Zacatecas, and by 40, to the north... Ver más

Garden Express, Saltillo

Carretera a México KM. 4 N.2001, Los Cerritos. Saltillo, Coahuila.

The Garden Express hotel is a quiet and spacious property located in Saltillo, Coahuila. Oriented business people who visit this city in the work plan, Garden Express also receives families, couples and solo travelers who are vacationing in t... Ver más

Interesting sites Torreon

See the major sites of Torreon interesting thanks to a wonderful tour around: starting the ride in the historic center, we recommend taking the highway number 40 bound for Parras, located just under 170 km to the east. Ver más

Tourist hunting in Mexico

The choice of hunting tourism in Mexico, mainly in the northern region of the country, invites travelers from around the world to visit these wonderful places and meet some of the more than 2,600 game parks, Management Units for the Conservat... Ver más