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Platillos Tipicos Sonora


Sonora is located in northern Mexico and is a region of contrasts, offering visitors more than 900 km of coastline that invites travelers to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in one of the more ; s beautiful tourist destinations of Mexico. Ver más

Marinaterra, San Carlos Guaymas Sonora

Gabriel Estrada, La Herradura San Carlos Guayma. San Carlos Guaymas, Sonora.

Marinaterra is a beautiful seven-storey property located in San Carlos, Sonora offers a great service with the classic warmth sonorense, has an unparalleled view of the Gulf of California, like the impressive hill Tetakawi, which is one of th... Ver más

San Carlos Plaza, San Carlos Guaymas Sonora

Paseo Mar Bermejo, Playa los Algodones. San Carlos Guaymas, Sonora.

is the only resort in Gran Turismo category in the state of Sonora, located in the beautiful resort area of Guaymas, from where visitors can enjoy the magnificent scenery, wonderful beaches, mountains and desert captured. Ver más

Hermosillo Hotels

Hermosillo, the state capital of Sonora, is in the region northwestern Mexico, just over 280 km southward from the city of Nogales, and is characterized by having a semi-desert climate, with average temperatures reaching 25 º C. Ver más

Puerto Penasco Hotels

Located on the northwest coast of Sonora, Puerto Penasco is an ideal alternative for travelers paradise pusan a bay in which to spend their holidays. It is characterized by a warm-dry climate, with rains in winter and mean annual temperatures... Ver más

Guaymas - San Carlos Hotels

The region of Guaymas - San Carlos is located just over 120 km from Hermosillo, and is one of the major tourist destinations in the state of Sonora. It is characterized by a dry climate and warm, with temperatures averaging 24 º C, and the m... Ver más

Output outdoor Hermosillo

   If you want an outdoor outlet in Hermosillo advise you visit the Cerro de la Campana, located opposite the Museum of Sonora. It is a natural rise that has become emblematic of this tourist destination, and can amount to ela through their... Ver más

Weather forecast for Puerto Penasco

Interesting routes await Rocky Point to provide the main tourist attraction in the region. One excellent option is to take a tour of the churches and missions of northern Sonora: starting from the city, via Highway 37, may have different area... Ver más

Museo de Hermosillo

Hermosillo Visiting a museum can approach the various aspects that make the culture of the region, as well as learn more about the customs and traditions of local ethnic groups and admire the archaeological remains found nearby. Ver más

Pacific Transport and Buses

Transport and Buses of the Pacific is one of the largest transportation companies in Mexico, distinguished by the technology they have their vehicles, cozy comfort and facilities to offer a wide range of possibilities to hire their services. Ver más

Ensenada Tourist Service

The tourism service in Ensenada offers every comfort: If you plan to travel by private car, the city's port is connected to the city of Tijuana to just over 110 km north on Highway 1 , and Tecate and Mexicali along the highways 3 and 2. Ver más

Tourist Service Hermosillo

Hermosillo tourist service enables the traveler will be transported to different parts of the Republic of Mexico through various means of transportation if traveling by private vehicle may arrive at the City of Nogales Federal Highway 15 towa... Ver más

Angling for Hermosillo

   Supporters of the sport fishing Hermosillo find many perfect places to practice this activity, thanks to its geographical and the wide diversity of aquatic species, forming the optimal scenario for conducting world-class tournaments.   Ver más

Natural Tourism in Hermosillo

The potential of nature tourism in Hermosillo are limitless, with ecological reserves that invitarána appreciate the richness that distinguishes the flora and fauna of the region, as well as admire the wonderful landscapes that gives this to... Ver más