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Costumbres Tradiciones Morelia


If you want a good golf course in Morelia, we recommend visiting the Club Campestre de Morelia, located on Avenida del Campestre s / n, ex-hacienda Molino. There you will find an excellent 9 hole golf course and the best facilities for your c... Ver más

Where to camp in Morelia

If you are looking to camp in Morelia where there are numerous ideal to enjoy this outdoor activity, moving moments in the midst of the natural landscapes of forests and beautiful mountains you can imagine, in a contact t intercourse with wil... Ver más

Ecotourism in Morelia

The opportunities of eco-tourism in Morelia are the most diverse, with ideal locations for whale species, thanks to its natural characteristics and its location in the territory of the Republic Republic of Mexico. Ver más

Morelia Hotels

Morelia, located 303 km from Mexico City, in the northern state of Michoacan is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, with impressive examples of buildings dating the Colonial era. It is characterized by a temperate humid and average an... Ver más

Shopping Center in Morelia

The best shopping center in Morelia is undoubtedly Crafts House of Morelia, located inside the former convent of San Francisco, where you can buy the excellent handicrafts such as copper vases, musical instruments, pizzas from Ceramic y. .. Ver más

Holiday Inn Morelia

Holiday Inn Morelia offers alternatives for all tastes and the ability to know one of the most attractive cities in Mexico: Morelia. The hotel has complete facilities for events, interesting gastronomic options and children's play areas w... Ver más

Morelia regional cuisine

If you want to indulge in regional cuisine Morelia, we advise you not to miss the chance to try the main dishes from Michoacan, as Churipo the uchepos, the corundas and donuts, and many other typical delicacies. Ver más

Arts & Crafts in Morelia

You can access the best of art and crafts in Morelia through the various shopping malls and stores where you will have the opportunity to acquire the most wonderful products made in family workshops, with materials from the nature. Ver más

Archaeological site in Morelia

The opportunity to visit an archaeological site in Morelia allows the tourist to know the greatness of the Tarascan Empire through the ruins of their cities and ceremonial centers that can be found in the various spaces located around the city. Ver más

Celebrations and tradition in Morelia

The festivities in Morelia and tradition have strong roots in a town that keeps alive the culture of the plasma Michoacány through the various celebrations that take place at different times of the year, with dances, music, color alegríay. Ver más

Regional museums in Morelia

The many regional museums in Morelia make this resort one of the cultural centers of the country thanks to its intense cultural activity and the presence of viceregal are dedicated to art, popular, contemporary spaces arqueologíay oriented h... Ver más

Outdoor Living in Morelia

To enjoy the great outdoors we recommend visiting Morelia Michoacán, a unique place, ideal for whale species due to natural conditions and geographical location. You can witness one of the most beautiful spectacles: the arrival of the monarc... Ver más

Qualitel Centro Histórico Morelia

Eduardo Ruiz No 531, Centro. Morelia, Michoacán.

Qualitel Centro Histórico Morelia is an attractive colonial building that has been remodeled, the quarry rose is the main element that gives the building an elegant and distinctive touch in the historic center of Morelia. Ver más

Holiday Inn Express Morelia

Holiday Inn Morelia is a 5 star hotel located on the outskirts of Morelia in Michoacan state, just 4 kilometers from downtown. This hotel is surrounded by a mountainous landscape, with abundant green areas, lush vegetation, very own site. Ver más

Hotel and Suites San Miguel

Av. Morelos Sur 71, Centro Historico. Morelia, Michoacán.

San Miguel Hotel and Suites is a magnificent property in the city of Morelia, set in a seventeenth-century mansion left to appreciate the splendor of Colonial architecture. Part of the beautiful historic center of Morelia Ver más

Hotel and Suites Galería

Miguel Silva No. 71, Centro. Morelia, Michoacán.

The Gallery Hotel and Suites, located in Morelia, one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Mexico, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its wonderful architecture. Ver más

Florencia Regency

Av. Lazaro Cárdenas 1282, Ventura Puente. Morelia, Michoacán.

The Regency Hotel in Florence the city of Morelia for its beautiful colonial architecture, is a cozy accommodation that awaits you on your next visit to the region's Bajío michoacana. Ver más

Cantera Diez Hotel Boutique

Benito Juarez #63, Centro. Morelia, Michoacán

In Morelia is a beautiful colonial city located Cantera Diez Hotel Boutique, a mansion in the year 1622, which restored now retains original architectural details.    Ver más