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Costumbres Durango

Durango Celebrations

The various celebrations of Durango invite you to join the many activities taking place in the city, as is the case of the National Fair in the City of Durango, an important festival which is held during the month of July and honors the found... Ver más

Durango Entertainment

Durango entertainment has no limits thanks to the various alternatives diversióny recreation in the region, among which we highlight two parks that provide various services to enjoy pleasant moments with their loved ones. Ver más

Ecotourism Durango

The Durango ecotourism options approach him the chance to appreciate the wonderful geography of the region, it provides the opportunity to practice any of the various extreme sports such as kayaking, climbing, rappelling and mountain biking . Ver más

Shows in Durango

The different events in Durango invite you to enjoy arts and culture of one of the most beautiful resorts throughout the Republic of Mexico, with options for every taste, ranging from plays and concerts to shows and sporting events. Ver más

Camping in Durango

Camping in Durango you can discover the wonders that nature gives this area, with landscapes of unparalleled beauty. We advise you enjoy camping in the Saltito located in the Name of God, just over 50 km to the southeast of the city Ver más

Night out in Durango

If you want to enjoy a night out in Durango will find a variety of ways to enjoy the night: among them is the possibility of going to one of several clubs and dancing to the best music Ver más

Durango Hotels

Located in the northwestern region of Mexico is Durango, more specifically at about 300 km northwest of Zacatecas and 268 km southwest of Torreon, Coahuila, in an area with a particularly dry climate, with the presence of rain during the summ... Ver más

Durango sport fishing

The alternatives offered by the Durango sport fishery will close to tourists the chance to practice this wonderful activity in a large dam located on the outskirts of the city: Guadalupe Victoria Dam ... Ver más

Archaeological sites in Durango

The numerous archaeological sites await Durango to show a variety of spaces that preserve important remnants that show the lifestyle of the ancient inhabitants of the region and may well discover in depth about the history of the place Ver más

Adventure sports in Durango

If you love adventure sports, in Durango find a wide variety of options to enjoy a wide range of alternatives, such as mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, rappelling and more, thanks to the wonderful scenery which gives this tourist destinat... Ver más

Crafts and art in Durango

If you seek access to the best of art in Durango artesaníay find splendid products by Native Tepehuanos, such as pita embroidery, woolen textiles, ceramics and numerous articles made with plant fibers and leather, satchels, suitcases, bags ... Ver más

Durango Tourism Services

The Durango tourism services will allow tourists to move from the city to the most diverse places in the Republic of Mexico, across Highway 40 can access the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa ; on Highway 45 come to Zacatecas, and by 40, to the north... Ver más

Interesting places in Durango

The wide range of interesting places in Durango invites you to spend the best time and know in depth about the culture and art of one of the most beautiful regions of the Republic of Mexico. We advise you not stop making the tour of the route... Ver más

Hotel Gobernador, Durango

Av. 20 de Noviembre 257 Ote, Centro. Durango, Durango.

The Governor Hotel, located in the city center, surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings, restaurants, bars, museums and art galleries. Ver más

Art and cultural museums in Durango

The art and cultural museums in Durango you approach the tourists the chance to soak up the production of regional artists, as well as in-depth knowledge about the history of this important tourist destination of the Republic Republic of Mexico. Ver más

Sport fishing in Torreon

If you want to practice sport fishing in Torreon we suggest you visit San Francisco Zarco Dam, located 60 km southwest from the city, across the road number 40 bound for Durango. In this magnificent place you'll find copies of species suc... Ver más