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Central Autobuses Observatorio

Autobuses ADO

Autobuses ADO is a major passenger transportation companies in Mexico, highlighted by the traveler offering the best service atencióny a convertirána your trip an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly want to repeat again and again. Ver más

Hotel Elizabeth Central

The Elizabeth Hotel Central is a modern hotel designed to offer a first class service for both business travelers and tourists who come to the beautiful city of Aguascalientes to discover each of its beauty, tradition history. Ver más

Tourism services in Taxco

Tourism services in Taxco offer you the opportunity to travel to different parts of Mexico through the various bus companies operating in the Central de Autobuses Estrella de Oro, located on Avenida John F. Kennedy ,.... Ver más

Oasis Cancun

Oasis Cancun consists of 4 buildings with a large central pyramid. Gran Turismo This hotel offers you a unique and remarkable architecture. We vis ... Ver más

Holiday Inn Plaza Universidad

Parroquia No.1056, Sta. Cruz Atoyac. Cd. México - Zona Insurgentes Sur, D.F..

The Royal Plaza has a wonderful property, located in south-central Mexico City. Rooms and facilities first, birndandoles hospitality to those who travel for business or pleasure. Ver más

Villa del Palmar Flamingos

Circuito Paseo Costero lote "E", Condominio Maestro Flamingos. Bucerías, Nayarit.

Villa del Palmar Flamingos combines the best of two worlds in its central location. Enjoy both the modern and luxurious facilities as well as the charm of the old Mexican traditions Pitter revealed in the streets ... Ver más

Hotel Gran Plaza

Guanajuato Gran Plaza Hotel has elegant colonial style architecture and bright colors that contrast with the arches and tiles on its facade, has a large pool in its central sector. Ver más

Hotel Don Quijote

Hotel Don Quijote is an ideal place to stay on your next visit to the city of San Cristobal de Las Casas, located in the central state of Chiapas, with a colonial atmosphere, rich culture and traditions n. Ver más


Hidalgo is located on the central area of the Republic of Mexico and is characterized by its temperate climate. Features numerous scenes of natural beauty, which in combination with the cultural wealth that give the different villages, one of... Ver más

Mexico City Hotels

Located in the Central Highlands area and surrounded by volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, Mexico City, recognized as the oldest city in America, is characterized by a climate more than pleasant, with average temperatures of around 22 ... Ver más

Hotel América Centro

Immersed in a cultural context, with colorful cobbled streets and numerous sites of great interest to discover the American Central Hotel invites you to live a different kind of holiday, enjoying the comfort and service that only its trained ... Ver más

San Luis Potosi Hotels

San Luis Potosi is located 190 km from the city of Zacatecas in central Mexico. Also known as the "city of seven districts," this wonderful tourist destination with an annual average temperature reaches 17 º C, presenting a great diversity c... Ver más

Zacatecas Hotels

A little over 600 km from Mexico City and 320 kilometers from Guadalajara, in the North-Central Mexico, Zacatecas is a colonial city distinguished for being one of the more s beautiful in the northern region. With a pleasant climate, an avera... Ver más

Historic architecture in Mexico

The wealth that characterized the historic architecture in Mexico ranks among the most chosen tourist destinations for those travelers who seek to know the past, traditions and culture of peoples and colonial cities that inhabited these lands... Ver más

Tlaxcala Hotels

Located in the central-eastern Mexico, 120 km east of Mexico City, lies the beautiful city of Tlaxcala, a town founded on the ruins of ancient populations. It has an average annual temperature of 18 º C and a predominantly temperate climate. Ver más