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Balneario Boing Teotihuacan

Camping by Teotihuacan

Camping by Teotihuacan can enjoy nature in its purest form. A place to do it is San Juan Teotihuacan, located less than 50 km northeast of Mexico City and only 3 km from the Pyramid of the Sun Ver más

Archeology of Teotihuacan

Archeology of Teotihuacan is one of the main attractions of this beautiful region of the Republic of Mexico, where you can discover a wide variety of architectural remains, with over 600 pirá mides, palaces and a large amount of housing. Ver más

Teotihuacan Hotels

The archaeological zone of Teotihuacan is located between the villages of San Martín de San Juan and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, State of Mexico, 50 kilometers northeast of Mexico City, becoming over the years as one of the most visited reg... Ver más

Mysticism and religion in Teotihuacan

Mysticism and religion in Teotihuacan Mysticism and religion at Teotihuacan are two important elements that over the years continue to take courage. In this region rich in legends and beliefs can find some of the most important of all Mexico,... Ver más

Typical foods in Teotihuacan

Enjoy typical meals in Teotihuacan, where you can enjoy dishes from around the state of Mexico in the various restaurants and bars and squares. Among the most famous delicacies are the broth of mutton, pork carnitas and barbacoa. Ver más

Tourism services in Teotihuacan

The Teotihuacan tourism services offer the possibility to address different parts of Mexico thanks to the two bus terminals: the West, located at number 122 South Avenue, corner Tacubaya Rio, Colonia Real del Monte, and North ... Ver más

Historic architecture of Teotihuacan

The historic architecture of Teotihuacan on the outskirts of the archaeological offer important examples of the beautiful XVI century building construction. Such is the case of the Temple and former Convent of San Agustín, located in Acolman... Ver más

Teotihuacan shopping tour

Enjoy a shopping trip Teotihuacan, San Juan and its environs, where you'll find many markets and stores to purchase the wonderful crafts that produced the inhabitants of this region, highlighting the figures made of obsidian, work in tin ... Ver más

Arts and crafts of Teotihuacan

The arts and crafts of Teotihuacan offer a great variety of products, such as ornamental pieces of glass, obsidian and onyx. You'll also find objects made of quartz and malachite, plus reproductions of prehispanic pieces produced in plast... Ver más

Archaeological Zone of Querétaro

Visit an archaeological site in Queretaro will let you know in depth the history and marked Teotihuacan influence in the region, through samples of the existence of different Indian groups in the area during the é short-Hispanic. Ver más

Mexico Archeology

Many are tourists who seek to know about archeology in Mexico, as due to its historical presents a host of architectural and cultural legacies, with traces of settlements that were present over 3000 years ago. Ver más