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Bailes Tipicos Guanajuato

Camps for Guanajuato

   If you seek a place to camp for Guanajuato we recommend many places where you can enjoy this activity and appreciate the beauty that the diverse natural landscapes of this beautiful region of the Republic of Mexico.   Ver más

Guanajuato Crafts

Among the crafts of Guanajuato find objects of international quality, such as workshops in which brews majolica ceramics representing the entity, as well as work on pottery , a, an art that continues to pass between generations of local inhab... Ver más

Guanajuato at night

If you plan to leave for Guanajuato night will find a range of options for spending a pleasant evening, from bars where you can enjoy excellent drinks and a good time to talk, to nightclubs with the best international music and live shows . Ver más

Ecotourism Guanajuato

The options offered by ecotourism Guanajuato and surroundings invite you to discover its wonderful mountains, cliffs and canyons, enjoying fun walks and excursions that allow you to discover the flora and fauna of a region má ; s beautiful i... Ver más

Golf Course in Guanajuato

If you want a golf course in Guanajuato will find one at the Club Campestre de León, located in Cerro Gordo Ex Hacienda s / n, Leon, to just over 50 km from the city. There you can practice this sport in a beautiful 18 hole course, par 72, d... Ver más

Religion Guanajuato

The numerous spaces designed to celebrate the religion of Guanajuato invite you to see architectural wonders such as the Shrine at Christ the King, located at the top of Cerro del Cubilete, 30 km southwest from the city. It is an imposing bui... Ver más

Guanajuato Hotels

In the heart of Guanajuato, Mexico is recognized as the cultural capital of the region and one of the most complete tourist destination, with attractions and activities for all tastes and a variable weather throughout the year with temperatur... Ver más

Guanajuato dining options

The variety of dining options from Guanajuato invites you to enjoy the delicacies prepared by chefs in this region, with delicious dishes such as pork legs, Pachola Guanajuato, carnitas empanadas and enchiladas mining, an emblem of culinary a... Ver más

Hotel Misión Guanajuato

Located in an old hacienda that dates back to town from the mid-seventeenth century, the Hotel Mision Guanajuato offers its guests spacious and functional facilities, perfect for both business travelers and for those visitors who arrive Guana... Ver más

Outdoor Living Guanajuato

The options offered by the outdoor life of Guanajuato invite you to enjoy nature in its purest form with their loved ones, as well as a thrilling adventure activities like rappelling, or a simple and quiet walk. Ver más

Guanajuato Museums and galleries

The many museums and galleries in Guanajuato offer the tourist the opportunity to soak up the history, art and culture of the region, since the city has a variety of areas aimed at promoting conservacióny of these activities. Ver más

Architecture and history in Guanajuato

The architecture and history in Guanajuato are present in the different constructions which show the vast cultural wealth of the city, with buildings that make up a unique landscape. This way you will find many works that bear witness to the ... Ver más

Wellness Center in Guanajuato

If you want a spa center in Guanajuato will find a variety of spaces designed to maintain the beauty and revitalize your body and mind through various techniques, including relaxation massages, facials, microdermologí ay tanning beds, among ... Ver más

Guanajuato Tourist Service

   The alternatives offered by the tourism service of Guanajuato allows the tourist access to the most varied points of the Republic, since it is one of the best-connected cities across Mexico: International Airport has a first level , loca... Ver más

Extreme Sports in Guanajuato

Extreme sports Guanajuato invite tourists to enjoy the maximum adrenaline thanks to the wide variety of options offered because of its mild climate and diverse geographical areas around the city, forming the perfect setting for balloon flight... Ver más

Hotel México Plaza Guanajuato

Mexico Plaza Guanajuato Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Guanajuato, not only by the variety of services and modern facilities, but also for the impeccable care that provides staff Ver más

Hotel Camino Real Guanajuato

Hotel Camino Real Guanajuato is located in the hull of the former Hacienda de Metal Benefit of St. Francis Xavier, founded in the mid-seventeenth century, while now the details that give life to a place of incalculable historical value. Ver más