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Cactus Balneario Cuernavaca

Hostel Cactus

Cactus Hotel is situated in a quiet area of town offering guests a comfortable, economical and clean place to relax. In the courtyard you can enjoy a beer fríay good company. Ver más

Holiday Inn Cuernavaca, Cuernavaca

Blvd. Díaz Ordaz 86, Acapatzingo. Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Hotel Holiday Inn Cuernavaca is located in the city of eternal spring, this executive-class hotel offers an excellent quality characteristic of the chain, which ensures a personalized service, ideal for a good rest and to bring their business... Ver más

Racquet Cuernavaca

Av. Francisco Villa 100, Rancho Cortes. Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Racquet Cuernavaca Hotel is a magnificent pool with arches, wide corridors and beautiful gardens with colorful flowers and abundantesvegetación. Ver más

Cuernavaca Celebrations

Cuernavaca The various festivities are closely linked with religion, and is usually celebrated with fairs, dances and fireworks displays for all residents and visitors of this beautiful region can be part. Ver más

Where to camp in Cuernavaca

If you are looking where to camp in Cuernavaca, we recommend visiting the surroundings of this magnificent tourist destination where you will find many sites where you can enjoy nature in its purest and share pleasant moments with her loved o... Ver más

Shopping in Cuernavaca

If you think shopping for Cuernavaca find numerous markets that offer the best crafts in the region, such as market Cortez Palace, the Zocalo and the Cathedral, located on Boulevard Avenida Juarez and Hidalgo. Ver más

Crafts in Cuernavaca

Artisanal products will come in Cuernavaca tourists the possibility to access the creativity that distinguishes the people of Morelos state, where articles of wood, clay and palm, recognized worldwide for its indigenous techniques Ver más

Spa in Cuernavaca

If you want a spa in Cuernavaca offers a wide variety of choices of top quality, with services designed to revitalize and renew energies, as well as provide relaxation and beauty treatments through various tea ; cnicas that used by the variou... Ver más

Diving for Cuernavaca

If you want to dive in Cuernavaca find his range scenarios where you can enjoy this activity: between the main spaces presents The Natural Water Park Stakes, located 50 km southeast of the resort center tourism. Ver más

Ecotourism Cuernavaca

If you plan to enjoy ecotourism in Cuernavaca, you will find many areas where you can appreciate the flora and fauna of the region, beautiful oak and fir forests surrounded by waterfalls, mountains and springs, forming the most impressive up ... Ver más

Rafting Cuernavaca

Rafting in Cuernavaca invites you to experience the strongest emotions and conduct an activity that will raise your adrenalin to unimagined limits: at this wonderful resort is one of the most important rivers the heart of Mexico, so the more ... Ver más

Recreation in Cuernavaca

If you seek relaxation in Cuernavaca offers a wide range of options that stand out spas with the best pools in the area, as well as the various protected natural areas that invite tourists to appreciate the flora and fauna the place and make ... Ver más

Cuernavaca Hotels

Located less than 90 km south of Mexico City, in the northern state of Morelos, Cuernavaca is the ideal destination for travelers seeking a quiet place away from where concerns and routines. Ver más

Hotel GS Cuernavaca

Hotel GS Cuernavaca you in its impressive 5-storey building with a modern and minimalist style, designed to satisfy the most discerning visitors to the city of Cuernavaca on business or pleasure, offering a service high-level ... Ver más

Hotel Misión Cuernavaca

With a simple and beautiful rustic decor and an impressive 2-story building, the Hotel Mision Cuernavaca is expected to provide the best atencióny a professional service to make your stay in Cuernavaca real dream come true. Ver más

Museums and galleries in Cuernavaca

Museums and galleries in Cuernavaca invite you to discover the most important exhibitions of objects from the most diverse corner of the globe, as well as original copies of rooms dating from the nineteenth century and much more s. Ver más

Night events in Cuernavaca

Nights out in Cuernavaca offer tourists a wide variety of possibilities when looking diversióny entertainment at night, with perfect alternatives for those who love to dance, as Alebrije, Bluebeard and Taizz, three of the ma s popular clubs ... Ver más

Regional Cuisine in Cuernavaca

If you are looking to taste the best of regional gastronomy in Cuernavaca will find a wide variety of dishes and snacks at their disposal, among which stand out the turkey in mole verde from seed, the jerky Yecapixtla, the squash blossom ques... Ver más

Extreme sports in Cuernavaca

Lovers of extreme sports in Cuernavaca can enjoy the most varied activities ranging combisystems skydiving and ultralight flying up biking Montanay freefall. He will also have the opportunity to observe the most beautiful landscapes while pra... Ver más