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Donde Esta Ubicado Guadalajara

Guadalajara Hotels

Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, located less than 550 kilometers northwest of Mexico City, is the second most populous city in Mexico and is considered one of the three cities má s in the country. It is characterized by a pleasant climate, ... Ver más

Hostel Guadalajara Centro

Calle Maestranza #147, esquina con López Cotilla.Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Hostel Guadalajara Centro has a building is an architectural treasure of the early nineteenth century, pronounced Heritage of the Nation by National Institute of History of Mexico Antropologíae. Ver más

Tourism services in Costa Alegre

The tourism services in Costa Alegre allow the traveler to Puerto Vallarta via the federal highway 200, and Manzanillo. It may also arrive at this magnificent resort from Guadalajara through the road 80, crossing Autlán Valley. Ver más

Amusement and entertainment in Tijuana

If you are looking diversióny entertainment in Tijuana, we recommend you visit the various resorts and recreational centers in the region where you can enjoy pleasant moments with loved ones. Such is the case of Rancho El Rinconcito Pool, lo... Ver más

Manzanillo Tourism Services

Different Manzanillo tourism services will raise the possibility of access, in particular vehicle, the city of Colima, the state capital, across the road number 54, also called Autopista Guadalajara-Colima Manzanillo. Ver más

Puerto Vallarta Hotels

Located on Banderas Bay, the second largest bay on the continent, 352 km from Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal natural setting for those travelers looking for contact with nature. Thanks to its geographical characteristics, the port h... Ver más

Monterrey Hotels

Located in northern Mexico, 930 km north of Mexico City and 730 kilometers from Guadalajara, Monterrey is one of the three major cities of the country, characterized by a warm climate with temperatures averaging 23 º C, with maximum of up to... Ver más

Zacatecas Hotels

A little over 600 km from Mexico City and 320 kilometers from Guadalajara, in the North-Central Mexico, Zacatecas is a colonial city distinguished for being one of the more s beautiful in the northern region. With a pleasant climate, an avera... Ver más

Ensenada Tourist Service

The tourism service in Ensenada offers every comfort: If you plan to travel by private car, the city's port is connected to the city of Tijuana to just over 110 km north on Highway 1 , and Tecate and Mexicali along the highways 3 and 2. Ver más


Jalisco is located in the western part of the Republic of Mexico, south of Zacatecas, Aguascalientes and Nayarit, north of Michoacány Colima, Nayarit east and west of Guanajuato. It is characterized by a great variety of climates, with mild ... Ver más

Pacific Transport and Buses

Transport and Buses of the Pacific is one of the largest transportation companies in Mexico, distinguished by the technology they have their vehicles, cozy comfort and facilities to offer a wide range of possibilities to hire their services. Ver más

Festivals and traditions in Mexico

Festivals and traditions in Mexico is one of the most important attractions for visitors who arrive at this tourist center to learn about and participate in various regional and national events, which differ mainly in the face ; religious cha... Ver más

Museums in Mexico

The great variety of museums in Mexico invites lovers of history, tradition, culture and art venues to visit those that reveal the social and artistic reality of this land may appreciate the most wonderful collections and exhibitions that kee... Ver más

Arts and crafts in Mexico

Arts and crafts in Mexico is one of the purest manifestations of the different generations of Mexican artists and foreigners, making this a wonderful destination for the most wealthy at culture, showing the creativity that characterizes the p... Ver más

Contemporary architecture in Mexico

Contemporary architecture in Mexico invites you to enjoy the widest variety of spaces, buildings and monuments that show the capabilities and talent that characterizes the various experts who give life to these wonders, making this one of the... Ver más