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Comidas Tipicas Campeche Campeche

Debliz Campeche, Campeche

Av. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz # 55, Ermita. Campeche, Campeche.

The Debliz Campeche is a nice hotel located very near the Historical Center of the colonial city of Campeche. Providing a complete service which together with the warmth and hospitality of its people complements the beauty of its facilities, ... Ver más

Arts in Campeche

Arts in Campeche have many areas where you can appreciate their beauty and quality. In this way, tourists can enjoy the best productions made with handmade clay, vegetable products, wood and natural fibers, with completely original designs. Ver más

Shopping in Campeche

Shopping in Campeche allows tourists Aced the best handmade products, through the craft shops that are found in the town and markets. You can also tour the malls to buy the best products at a great price. Ver más

Fishing in Campeche

Fishing in Campeche presents a wide variety of opportunities, with many areas suitable for the practice of this activity, with several low areas where you can find a wealth of species for almost all months of the year. Ver más

Kayaking in Campeche

Kayaking in Campeche is an opportunity for visitors to this wonderful resort in the city to find space ideal for this activity, admiring the wonderful scenery and enjoy of nature in its purest form. Ver más

Campeche Restaurants

Campeche's cuisine invites tourists to discover the most exquisite dishes, which show their Mayan origins typically incorporating details of Spanish culinary identity to build a well-marked food in this beautiful region. Ver más

Navigation in Campeche

Lovers browsing Campeche will enjoy this activity at the best beaches and marinas located in the vicinity of this wonderful tourist destination. This allows you to admire the incredible scenery and surprised by the clear waters reveal the div... Ver más

Architecture in Campeche

The rich architecture in Campeche invites you to appreciate their beautiful monuments and buildings that have earned the declaration of World Cultural Heritage. History lovers will appreciate civil works, military and religious, dating from t... Ver más

Beaches in Campeche

The beaches in Campeche give travelers the opportunity to enjoy pleasant moments in the sun, relax and enjoy the tranquility and relaxation, as well as venture into practice one of many extreme sports or outdoor activities Ver más

Nightlife in Campeche

Lovers of nightlife in Campeche find a plethora of alternatives, ranging from popular dances in the historic center, shows up as a romantic Serenade in my neighborhood, an activity that promotes the presence trio of tunes that delight with th... Ver más

Diving in Campeche

Diving enthusiasts will find excellent alternatives Campeche to enjoy the underwater life to see no ridges, dunes, meadows, cliffs and stony coral reef flats that make up one of the most stunning underwater scenery. Ver más

Museums in Campeche

The various museums in Campeche will allow visitors to soak up all the history and culture of the region, as well as learn about the legends of pirates and defense techniques that were used to avoid their attacks. The Mayan culture is also pr... Ver más

Ecotourism in Campeche

Ecotourism in Campeche is a very popular and beautiful resort that has numerous ecological reserves in the surrounding area, inviting visitors to observe the richness that characterizes its flora and fauna can also appreciate dedicated to pro... Ver más

Archeology in Campeche

Lovers of archeology in Campeche are many sites that show significant vestiges of ancient cultures in the region. An example of this is Edzná located just over 60 km southeast of the city, recognized as one of the most interesting Mayan city... Ver más

Campeche Hotels

Located in the southern Gulf of Mexico, 390 km northeast of Villahermosa and 180 km southwest of Merida, Campeche is located, an ancient trading port that receives more IAWD days ; s views of travelers from all corners of the world. This city... Ver más

Campeche Travel services

Tourism services in Campeche provide many access routes to the city: one is the International Airport of Campeche Alberto Acuña Ongay, which also use the airlift of the leading companies, such as Aerodavinci, Aerocaribe, Mexicana, Aeromexico... Ver más

Hotel Plaza Campeche

Hotel Plaza Campeche is the best option to stay in the beautiful city of Campeche, a place that IAWD days showed a marked growth of trade and culture, emerging as one of the main destinations tour of Mexico. Ver más

Hacienda Puerta Campeche

The Hacienda Puerta Campeche is a complex of houses dating from the seventeenth century that have been remodeled to provide a unique and unparalleled service, ideal for enjoying an unforgettable vacation and learn more about the culture and h... Ver más

Outdoor activities in Campeche

The numerous outdoor activities in Campeche allows visitors to enjoy the most beautiful nature reserves, which will have the opportunity to do hiking, enjoying the lush vegetacióny pleasant atmosphere that characterizes this place. Ver más

Festivals and traditions in Campeche

The numerous festivals and traditions in Campeche is a clear example of the characteristics of the villagers, who enjoy the celebrations and popular religious devotion alegríay. Besides cultural events take place with games and exhibits, as ... Ver más